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A Few Simple Ways To Achieve A Farmhouse Look

A Few Simple Ways To Achieve A Farmhouse Look

If you’ve browsed Pinterest lately, you know that farmhouse design ideas are everywhere. Farmhouse has been a major trend in recent years, and at Rubies, we think the farmhouse is here to stay. 

We all love the neutral pallets and farmhouse sinks this popular style boasts, but one of our most favorite farmhouse elements is reclaimed wood. Here in the heart of the Pine Belt, reclaimed wood is something we know a lot about. It’s also something Laurel natives and HGTV Hometownstars, Ben and Erin Napier, have popularized nationwide. Ben is an expert woodworker and Erin is an expert designer. They know how to turn the old, new all while bringing Laurel treasures back to life. 

Considering our sawmill heritage, wood  is the foundation of our town and a pillar of farmhouse design. Along with wrought iron, exposed architectural elements, cream and white textiles plus carefully chosen vintage accessories, the farmhouse can become part of every house. You may even have some farmhouse elements already built right into your home. Take a look around! Exposed brick? Wood floors? Iron railing? Check out what you have – you may be well your way to a fresh farmhouse feel. 

The term “farmhouse” invokes the ease of how things used to be, and we crave that very simplicity in our homes. Before iPhone screens dominated our days, rolling green hills, fields full of crops and fresh eggs from the chicken coup out back were standard fare. 

Now, you may be more likely to get your vegetables at Kroger or the local farmer’s market instead of growing them in your backyard, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the simplicity of farmhouse design in your own home. 

Farmhouse Table from Rubies Home Furnishings

Light and bright colors, simple lines, comfortable spaces. What’s not to love, right? 

If you’re just beginning to create a farmhouse look in your home, we recommend starting with your kitchen table. What’s a farmhouse without a farmhouse table, right? A simple wood or wood mixed with white washed look is perfect for a farmhouse table. We also love simple white dishes to complete the look (check out these new ones in stock from our fave, Coton Colors).  


After the kitchen table, we say strive for an update to your living room furniture. A neutral sofa creates a great focal point and will coordinate seamlessly with other elements of your home. If you already have a neutral sofa, just add some simple throw pillows and blanket like the ones shown here to give it added warmth. 

Couch at Rubies Home Furnishings

Next up…accessorize! And if you already have some farmhouse design going on in your home, products are a great way to switch up your look a bit while continuing to cultivate a farmhouse feel in your space. We’re mildly obsessed with tobacco baskets. We have them in brown, grey and even our new metal ones that we can’t get enough of these days. Use them as a table centerpiece, on a coffee table, or as a catch-all in your kitchen. 

Tobacco Baskets at Rubies Home Furnishings in Laurel

Adding unique accessories like the ones shown here can create comfort and give your home a complete farmhouse look. Whether you’re looking to accessorize or make a major statement, Rubies has what you need. Come see us at our location on highway 15, or you can check us out on Facebook and Instagram and for more fabulous farmhouse ideas. 

Farmhouse Decor at Rubies Home Furnishings in Laurel, Mississippi
Farmhouse Decor at Rubies Home Furnishings in Laurel
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