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Decorating A Beach House With Rubies Home Furnishings

Decorating A Beach House With Rubies Home Furnishings

It’s not every day someone calls you  up and asks  you to decorate their beach house. And in our world, it’s almost like a dream when someone does. We received a call a few months ago from one of our customers who had recently purchased a beach house in Orange Beach, Alabama. She and her husband had always hoped to have their own  beach house, and the day had finally come for them to buy one. They wanted a place to relax and enjoy life in a completely stress-free environment. And one of the first steps to this stress-free lifestyle was handing the decorating over to Rubies. 


“Since we have new arrivals on a weekly basis, many of our shoppers come in each week just to see what’s new in the store,” said Kim Smith at Rubies. “Since this customer is here so often, she knew we could also do special orders with our furniture brands, which meant the opportunities were truly endless.” Taking a beach house design start to finish would be a fun – but very detailed – process. The Rubies team was up for the challenge. 


Determining Style 
The customer knew she wanted coastal, but she always wanted livable – something that felt like home but had a coastal touch. “Since this place is to serve as a getaway for weekends and summer break, they wanted something that didn’t scream “beach.” 

 The Rubies team started in the living room, since it was the central part of the beach house. Through Rubies, the client was able to choose a sofa and chair from Fusion Furniture. The neutral sofa came with coastal pillows, and she added a recliner with custom fabric using the Best Home Furnishings fabric wall at Rubies. “We added accent pieces and tables from one of our favorite brands we carry, Crestview,” said Karlyn Pugh, co-owner of Rubies. “She wanted something that had a driftwood or natural wood look, and Crestview carried a lot of items using this style.” 

Rubies Home Furnishings
Rubies Home Furnishings Living Room
Rubies Home Furnishings Living Room

While the client hand-picked several pieces of furniture from the showroom floor at Rubies, she also looked through catalogs of the dozens of brands the store carries to find the bedroom furniture she was looking for. “We love that we are able to make this process easy for our clients,” said Kim. “She was able to come in and buy everything for the bedrooms – from furniture and mattresses to comforters – all in one place.” Each bedroom carried the subtle coastal theme but used different colors to do so. 


When it came to décor, the client went to Rubies for everything floor to ceiling. From candles  and candle sticks to custom arrangements and more, the entire place was decorated in one-stop. And, because this client was a long-time family friend, Kim and Karlyn were able to go install and use rugs from their sister store, City Home Center, to decorate the home. 

If you’re planning a total overhaul on your home or buying a new one, Rubies can help you make the process completely stress free, allowing you to choose everything you need all in one place. Let Rubies help you make your home – or beach home - a treasure.

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