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Fall Decorating Ideas For 2019

Fall Decorating Ideas For 2019

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The thought of pumpkins, beautiful leaves and warm cider are difficult to imagine during these hot summer days, but nothing makes us more eager for the refreshing cool of fall than planning ways to celebrate the season at home. At Rubies, we are stocked with  all things fall, and helping our customers add a touch of coziness to their home is our specialty. If you’re getting in the mood to gear up for fall decorating, here are four trends with project suggestions to liven your home with the love of autumn.

Touch of Textures

Adding textures from sea grass woven ottomans to furniture made from rustic re-purposed barn wood are all great ways to warm up the space with texture. Texture is all about the crunch of leaves and rough husks of corn that we associate with fall, so search for key pieces that are easy to use as accents.  The mantle, dining table and front door are excellent places to focus your fall textures. 

You can also re-purpose a set of decorative lanterns for fall.  Lanterns are excellent choices for adding texture to a room since they can hold just about anything.  Try centering a candle or plant inside the lantern and filling in with acorns, pinecones or cranberries. The lanterns can be displayed anywhere in the home  - especially the fireplace or your countertop. 



Borrow from Nature

As leaves fall and the woody structure of shrubs and trees are exposed, borrow from their natural beauty. Snip a few branches from a tree with smooth wood and display them in an angular white vase. Taller branches can be displayed from the floor and liven up a corner.  Also, corn stalks and pine cones are great ways to bring the outdoors in this season.

Pair Neutral Colors with Bold Accents

Cobalt blue is a still a hot color this year.  It’s beautiful paired with vibrant and muted oranges, and it can create a coziness that’s unparalleled. Other color combinations to consider are corn husk yellow, blue and earthy brown, or even navy blue with accents of sunflower yellow is a fall favorite.  One of the simplest ways to integrate color without redecorating an entire room is to focus on the small accent pieces.

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Here’s a DIY tip for your front entrance. Find some old flower pots or check out end of summer sales at a local garden center.  Choose your favorite fall flower - pansies and mums make fantastic options. Choose two colors of flowers, and spray paint the old pots the color of your choice to give them new life and pot your flowers. Arrange in sets of two or three down your front steps for a welcoming splash of color.  What colors to try? Orange mums with navy blue pots, yellow mums with muted orange pots and red mums with tan pots all make good combinations.

Get Creative with Squash

Decorating with squash gives you endless potential! A fall celebration can be made magical by the use of hollowed squash as serving dishes. Tall pumpkins also make beautiful vases to hold a bouquet of fall mums or colorful leaves. Keep in mind you’re not limited to pumpkin - similar dishes can be served (and eaten from) hollowed acorn squash and butternut squash.  

We love using pumpkins of various sizes to accommodate the dishes you plan to serve at a fall celebration. Clean the outside of each pumpkin. Remove the entire top so that two thirds of the base remains for use as a bowl.  Scoop out the seeds and pulp and fill each with soup, dip, or a warm side dish.  

As  you can tell, we love fall at Rubies. If you’re looking for decorating inspiration, stop by and let use help you warm up your home with the perfect décor item!

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