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Struggling to find the perfect gift?

Struggling to find the perfect gift?

At times, we find ourselves dreading the most special of occasions when a gift is involved.  Financial hardships, "hard-to-buy-for" family members and friends or just simply so little spare time to go to a store and look for a gift.  If you are looking for that special gift for mom, a friend's birthday, someone who is hurting and needs some encouragement or just a "happy" to let a person know they are thought of and loved can sometimes be difficult.  In today's busy world, time is often a huge factor when it comes to finding the perfect gift.  And even though decision-making comes easy for some people, it often it can be difficult for others.

Small business owners/sisters, Kim and Karlyn, have always enjoyed helping their customers at Rubies Home Furnishings in Laurel, Mississippi find the perfect gift. Through the years, they have realized the great need for "ready-made" gift combinations that focus on the different needs of their customers.  This is how Rubies Treasure Box Gifts came to be!

Kim and Karlyn not only wanted to provide a "grab and go" type gift but also a great price point for their customers.  Each Rubies Treasure Box has a theme such as encouragement, mom, dog mom, cat mom, grandma, hope, happiness, faith etc. and is filled with beautiful items that are sure to bring joy to the recipient's day!  Treasure Box Gifts are priced at only $35 with a retail value of $40 or more.  Even though they had the "grab and go" concept in mind when these boxes were originally created, each Treasure Box is ready-to-ship and Rubies can easily handle that for you. And of course, if you purchase one in the store, gift wrapping is always complimentary.

So don't sit back and put off the inevitable when you know the "day of the dreaded gift selection" is coming up.  Stop by Rubies Home Furnishings or visit our website and choose a treasure box that is surely to delight the next recipient of your thoughtfulness.

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