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Home Design Trends Coming Your Way in 2019

Home Design Trends Coming Your Way in 2019

While our sister business, City Home Center, is talking about trends for home design today on their blog, we felt like a good summary of what to look for in terms of home décor was in order for ours. We spent some time at AmericasMart in Atlanta this week, and while it’s always fun to see what’s next on the horizon, we have to say 2019 is going to be one of the best for home decor updates. Here’s what’s ahead for home décor this year. 

Cobalt Blue at Rubies Home Furnishings

If you’re a lover of all things neutral, 2019 might be the year to start adjusting your palette a bit. Don’t worry, neutral is always in style, but color is king for home décor this year.  One of our favorite statement colors that’s big in 2019 is cobalt blue. Whether you use blue as an accent wall or to paint a whole room, you can’t go wrong with a bright, bold blue. Mix blue accessories in your home to blend light blue and navy with a striking cobalt.

We also love that hunter green is making a comeback. Like cobalt blue, green is perfect for accents, furniture or major statements like painting kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Any way you look at it, green gets the green light from us. Start this year off by looking around your house to see what you might be able to update with a fresh coat of paint. 

Florals and Patterns
It’s the year to be brave with patterns and prints. Don’t be scared to throw a floral print on your bed or chair in your living room. Big patterns and florals on pillows, furniture and even walls are IN, so if you’ve ever wanted to get serious about a pattern, now is the time. Recover those chair cushions or entire furniture pieces and make a statement.

In with the Old
While you’ll see plenty of modern design in 2019, don’t be surprised to see traditional elements mixed right on in with modern. You might find rattan furniture mixed with modern fixtures or event decades-old china mixed with modern colors and styles. So, head up to the attic and break open the box of grandma’s favorite things. They’re making a comeback.

Wood - Rubies Home Furnishings

Mississippi weather means that some winter days can 70 degrees and sunny, so we’re constantly looking for any excuse to bring the outside in. This year, wood, stone, shiplap and jute will take center stage as popular décor elements. Many have already made the natural shift by featuring a wooden kitchen island or countertops, so expect to see this and much more around the house.

While the trend list is a mile long, these are the big ones we think you should watch for in 2019. If you’re considering a move or renovation, check out City Home Center’s blog for more tips on design trends.

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