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Making A Dorm Room Feel Like Home

Making A Dorm Room Feel Like Home

Going to college is a thrilling time, and living in the dorms is a rite of passage. On top of picking a university, thinking about what to study and making new friends, finding out which dormitory you’re in and who you will be living with is a big deal! Dorm roommates are often your child’s first and best friend in college – someone they can count on to brave the new social scene or meet in the student union for lunch between classes. But when they’re not hanging out on fraternity row, studying in the library or grabbing a bite to eat, the majority of your college student’s time will be spent in that tiny cinder block room with one window, two twin beds and a whole other person.

Decorating the dorm room is a fun and exciting way to prepare for your child’s new adventure away from the comforts of home. Making this space functional and homey is important. It will be the place where your child can escape from the hustle and bustle of college to rest, regroup and reorganize. The dorm room will be their home away from home, and Rubies has everything you need to make it feel like an efficient and beautiful escape. Here are some things to think about when decorating the dormitory!

Storage, storage and more storage.
In a dorm room, you’ve got to get creative with places to put things. No wall, floor, door or shelf should be bare of hooks, cloth boxes or bins. Lofting a bed or putting it on risers is a great way to create instant square footage. We’ve seen everything from a full vanity to futons and even entire closets or a kitchenette tucked under dorm room beds. At Rubies, you’ll find everything you need to appoint your space with function and style.

Storage Baskets

Let there be LIGHT!
Dorm rooms are small and often lack natural light. They usually come with harsh florescent bulbs that provide no ambiance. Creating a warm and inviting space is a simple as bringing in lamps that provide soft, ambient lighting, and might even help your collegian study harder

Lamps at Rubies

POP some color  + accessorize.
Dorm rooms are the perfect blank canvas to get creative with color, express your sense of style and show off your eye for design. You can bring in bright pops of color like pink, yellow, green or blue with pillows that showcase your personality. And while color is fun, neutrals are timeless. Make sure to base your room around soft hues of white, light gray or tan with curtains and rugs that will create a sense of relaxation and tranquility and can make the space feel bigger. Deciding on a solid neutral is a great starting point. Plus, you can keep an eye on Rubies as the seasons change and swap out pillows or lamp shades to give your room a slightly different look each semester! And to top off the room, wall art and picture frames can bring things together like nothing else. A few simple, coordinating items can make a room stand out.

Pop of Color

Make it cozy.
A good night’s rest means a productive day of learning. Keep in mind that standard dormitory mattresses are less than luxurious. They’re usually some sort of metal spring + plastic wrap combo. Long story short, you’re going to want to add some FLUFF. Even the toughest boys want a soft place to rest at night. And, if you’re a girl, you’ve probably never met a pillow you didn’t like. Rubies has plenty of ruffle free options to make sure your son sleeps well and an endless supply of pillows that will help decorate your daughter’s dorm and make sure she sleeps in style.

Colorful Couch

Soak up this season of transition and enjoy every aspect. From the application process to buying books and decorating the dorm room, this is a major step on the road to adulthood. The child you’ve raised is spreading his or her wings and heading off to college! Soon enough, you’re going to get a little more peace and quiet around the house. But before you college moms start to rest easy, come on down to Rubies and make sure your collegian has a comfortable, welcoming and safe place to rest their head at night. We’ve got everything you need to make that tiny cinder block box feel like your child’s home away from home!

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