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Quick Tips to Lighten Up Your Living Space

Quick Tips to Lighten Up Your Living Space

After the glitter and glitz have been tucked back into the Christmas closet, my home seems to have such a blah, dark and dim feeling to it.  As I look out my freshly-cleaned windows (we clean those in January right? Thanks to my husband, yes, ours got cleaned this year), the outside seems even more gray and bland.  Studies have shown that dark places, the absence of light and dim settings can cause depression in people. So how can we conquer that desire to keep the lights off and pull the covers over our head until mid-March?

Lighten up those spaces!

Some easy ways to bring more light into your living spaces are simply add more lamps (you can never have too many!), change key pieces of furniture or rugs to lighter tones and add a mirror to a focal wall.



Consider your lighting in your home.  A living room is a gathering place for you and your friends or family.  Overhead lighting can feel harsh or cold.  Lamps add ambience and coziness to any room.  I personally have lamps in every area of my home.  Even my bathroom!  One of the first things I do when I walk into my home after a long day at work, is turn on ALL lamps.  I love the way the room looks when the lamps are on and it gives me a feeling of warmth and comfort.  If you already have lamps but do not feel like they are creating the setting for you, consider changing the shades or even painting the base.  Or it may be time to invest in an updated look or a lighter color.  From time to time, I invest in new lamps.  There are times when lamps may not be as trendy as they were when first purchased.  I have taken opportunities to paint lamps but sometimes it is just time to replace them.  I normally buy lamps in pairs but that is not a must.  Be bold and mix and match lamps, as long as the style is the same.  An example of different lamps that work together is the same color shade and same color tones in the base but varying heights and base shapes.  So go ahead, light up that room with some new or “almost new” lamps!


Lighter furniture/rugs

Dark sofas or dining tables can darken any room, no matter the wall color or the floors.  If changing out key pieces of furniture is an option, lighten up the fabric or wood tones when purchasing those new pieces.  Many manufacturers are offering fabric in easy-to-clean, family-friendly, stain-resistant and moisture-repellant. Wow!  What more can you ask for? With those options in mind, a lighter fabric is an easier choice to make without the worry of durability.  Other than the sofa and chairs in a room, consider changing the tables.  A dining table that may could use a color change or possibly the accent tables in a family room.  Some tables are timeless and a simple coat of paint could be a game changer.  Adding a new fabric to existing dining tables is a very inexpensive way to give your dining area a completely new look.  And a huge impact could be a new rug in any room.  Covering up those dark floors can lighten up a space in a way that you didn’t even know was possible.  Rugs are all across the board in price.  If you are unsure about making a huge investment, consider buying something inexpensive until you are sure about making this change in your home.  And remember, it can so easily be donated to charity if you do not like the look.

 living room 


Adding mirrors to your space is such a quick and affordable way to lighten up any space in your home.  It also adds a touch of elegance to a wall or shelf.  Of course, we already have mirrors in bathrooms and bedrooms but why not add them to foyers, dining rooms and family rooms?  Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes and really can fit into any space that needs a special touch.  I enjoy placing natural elements such as a green plant or a floral arrangement in front of a mirror that is placed behind an accent piece.  And we have always been told that mirrors make a space look bigger, so one wall mirror can make such a difference in a room. Although I have not done this in my home, I love the look of small mirrors that make up a collage on a focal wall.  Or how about that big starburst mirror accented in gold tones? Don’t those just make you swoon? And just like rugs, mirrors can come in all price points.  Resale shops are a great place to find mirrors and most of the time, the frame could easily be spray-painted if the color did not suit your style.  My last push for a mirror is to remind you that this simple statement could be as beautiful as a new piece of art in your home.  What a way to bring in something functional yet impressive!


Are you ready to lighten up your home?  Remember, the sooner the better.  Spring is still a few months away but lightening up your spaces will give you a burst of energy and make you feel refreshed and ready for the next project in your home.  Simple changes can make a huge impact not only in the way your home looks but in the way you feel.  Enjoy your home and do what it takes to make it your happy place!

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