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Relax This Thanksgiving: Five Tips To Help You Enjoy The Holiday

Relax This Thanksgiving: Five Tips To Help You Enjoy The Holiday

We are counting down the days to Thanksgiving because we’ve decided it’s officially our favorite holiday. Of course, we love all the holidays in their own way, but the hustle and bustle of Christmas comes so fast once Thanksgiving is over...or even before Thanksgiving starts really.  And the whole goal of Thanksgiving is to be with family and friends and celebrate gratitude, so why do we try to make it a stressful occasion? We love Thanksgiving so much because it is  a reminder that things are just things, and our faith and the people we love are truly the important things in life. At Rubies, we say it’s time we all agree to relax for Thanksgiving, so we’re giving you our top five tips on how to do just that. 

Outsource the Food

Some families already to this, but many families leave all the food to the host. While some hosts might insist they prepare the whole meal, we believe that sharing is caring. Everyone has a favorite Thanksgiving dish, and the coming together for the holidays is much more meaningful when the whole family participates, so encourage your guests to bring their favorite dish this year. Think of what your two or three favorite things are to cook, communicate that to everyone, and have guests to bring something to complement your dishes. It makes it fun to see what the family and friend favorites are from year to year.

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Make Your Grocery List Now

It may seem a bit too early, but we all know that part of the holiday stress is the grocery store chaos on the week of Thanksgiving. Spare yourself the time and energy it takes to navigate the aisles during the holiday and grab what you can now before the traffic spikes. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.

Set Your Table in Advance

Something about having the table set the night (or even a few days) before really helps set the tone for a relaxing day. Have your holiday dishes, napkins and silverware ready to go and save yourself that much-needed brain space when it gets to be crunch time.  We have a wonderful selection of napkins, table cloths, runners and placemats and more to give that table a “wow” factor. And we always love a cute, festive place card like this one to make everyone feel extra special.

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Leave the Decorating to Us

We have custom and pre-made Thanksgiving arrangements ready for your table, your door or anywhere else in your home that needs a little decorative boost. It’s amazing how, with just a little effort, you can really make the gathering special, cozy and memorable with leaves, fall florals and ribbon. We’d love to customize your holiday décor to help create a relaxing  and festive environment for your family. Right now, fall décor is 50% off, so it’s a great time to stop by and stock up before the big day.

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Focus on the Family

This may be easier said that done, but remember to make the day about family. Coloring sheets or printables to keep kids entertained (we love these from, games for the adults and crafts for the big kids are ways to help us focus on the important things like making Thanksgiving memories. We encourage you to not get so caught up in the meal, that you forget the reason for the holiday – togetherness. 

At Rubies, we love making your home a place you treasure. This year, whether that means filling it with items from our store, or filling it with the people you love, we wish you very Happy Thanksgiving.

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