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Southern Motion Recliners

Made in the USA

For over 20 years, Southern Motion has valued their hardworking employees. The dedication and commitment of their employees is our driving force behind their success and high-quality motion furniture. American workers who manufacture a quality and competitively priced products for consumers. When you purchase Southern Motion, you are helping to support the American economy.

Southern Motion has become a leader in design and innovation in all categories of the motion furniture industry. Southern Motion has over 1,500 workers in five Mississippi based facilities.  Southern Motion is proud to provide jobs to workers in the USA and quality furniture to consumers.

Please call 601-428-0198 for pricing and more information.

1013 Rocker Recliner 906-18 Alfresco Stetson/506-18
1144 Primo Recliner 118-14 Graphite
1091 Front Row Recliner-203 Last Chance
1144 Primo Recliner 119-60 Perspective Blue Brindle
1643 Prestige Hi Leg Recliner 460 Greek Key
1342 Rocker/Recliner 903-17 Fresca
1643 Prestige Hi Leg Recliner Brown Leather 906-21
61651 Hi Leg Rocker Recliner W 140-09 Henley Stone
61634 Hi Leg Power Recliner Maximus Caramel 43971
61652 Hi Leg Rocker Recliner W 494-09 Pop Life Mineral
1184 Fandango Rocker Recliner 164-14 Bahari Charcoal