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2023 Attachelor Big Attachment


Tractor is finally here and we have a feeling you're in for a 'haul' lot of happy and 'loads' of fun. (Sorry, we had to since you're 'deere' friends and all...)
Green, yellow, and full of cheer, Tractor is a fun way to nod to life on the farm, memories of warm country days, and that 'fresh swig of post-harvest lemonade' feeling.
And it'd be oh-so-cute in kids' bedrooms or play areas.
Tractor is here because of YOU. Each year, Hapoy Everything’s team of designers creates new potential designs. Then, their socia media followers vote for which one will become a reality and go into production. And voila!
At the end of our 2023 Attachelor Contest, Tractor was deemed THE fan favorite. What'll it be next year?


Material: Ceramic with hook and loop

Care Instructions: Wipe clean. Do not use soap.