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8” x 8” Fancy Panz Aqua 100% Made in the USA


Fancy Panz™ are 100% Made in the USA, BPA-Free & Stackable!

All of the conveniences of a foil pan dressed up in a Fancy Panz™'! Simply place a standard 8×8 foil pan in your Fancy Panz™, remove the clear window and serve. At the end of the event, remove the foil pan and take back your clean Fancy Panz™. No dirty dish to scrub and no flimsy foil pan to travel with!

Take Fancy Panz™ to your next tailgate, potluck, bbq, office party, holiday gathering, luncheon or as a fabulous hostess gift! Perfect for brownies, dips, salads, pasta dishes and fudge!

Fancy Panz™ stackable feature makes them ideal for traveling to your next event. No more concerns about spilled food on your car floor, no more "can you hold this until we get there" Fancy Panz™ are sturdy and practical!

The removable window nests under the Fancy Panz™' while serving.