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Swamp Bucket


Do you ever want to boil a small batch of seafood for a few people but dread hauling out the propane tank and equipment? Or do you hate the smell in your home from boiling on the stove?

Then you need a Swamp Bucket! A 5 gallon HDPE (BPA free) food grade electric boiling bucket made for smaller batches of seafood (shrimp, blue crabs, snow crab legs, etc. with all the fixings - even turkey necks, peanuts, sausage - anything really!).

All you need to do is FIRST, add water and then plug it in! Now sit back and watch it begin to boil in about 25-35 minutes.

After finishing your boil, the lid has small holes for draining off the water. Now you can carefully unscrew the lid and pour out your seafood and ENJOY!

Clean up is just as easy. Simply allow the bucket to cool then use the water hose to rinse out. Now you can put it away to use over and over again.