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Coton Colors Flare White Stand


Add an artistic touch to any room in your home by displaying your favorite platters and plates on our White Medium Flare Plate Stand. This stand makes it easy to showcase your favorite entertaining essentials when they're not on your table. Place them on a shelf, in your kitchen, or hang them on the wall.

Our white medium plate stand is made to accommodate mid-size plates and platters and is made with a sturdy metal that will last for decades to come.

From festive holiday styles to everyday essentials, this stand helps turn your plates and platters into prominent pieces of art.

Get the most use out of your favorite serving solutions with our White Medium Flare Plate Stand.

Material: Metal

Dimensions: 5.875in W × 8.5in H × 5.5 in Deep

Volume: n/a

Care Instructions: Wipe clean