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Coton Colors Iris Blue Burst 8 Ruffle Salad Plate


A daily celebration is just a meal away! Our Iris Blue Burst Ruffle Salad Plate will have every gathering around the table feel like a special occasion. It is perfect for serving salads, tapas, and desserts in style, no matter what you're celebrating!

Featuring our signature ruffle design and a flower pattern in hues of blue, this delightful dish will add a modern touch to a classic spread. Pair this dish with other items in our Iris Blue Collection or create a look all your own by mixing and matching it with neutrals and complementary patterns.

Dish out joy with every meal with our Iris Blue Burst Ruffle Salad Plate.

Material: Stoneware

Dimensions: 8in Diameter

Dimensions: Sin Diameter

Volume: n/a

Care Instructions: Dishwasher safe, microwave safe on low heat