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Coton Colors Signature 13 Ruffle Round Platter White


There are few things better than versatile serving essentials, and our Signature White Ruffle Round Platter checks all the must have boxes for setting a table you'll love. The gentle curves of our signature ruffle edges create a classic elegance to your dinner table, while the bold size makes it easy to serve your favorite meals. This platter can be used as a charger or personalized and displayed as a piece of décor when not in use.

Light cream and white hand-painted brushstrokes grace the artisanal look of this platter, while the ruffled edges tie this piece together with the other designs in our collection. From entertaining family and friends to adding style as a piece of home décor, you'll find dozens of uses for this platter.

Add our Signature White Ruffle Round Platter to your serveware decor and find everything you need to help you live a celebratory life.

Material: Stoneware