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Happy Everything 16oz. Heart Shaped Mug


Sip on something you love with our cute and colortul Heart Shaped Mug. This happy design is perfect for all your beverages of choice, from that first sip of coffee in the
morning to the nightcap you enjoy on occasion after dinner. Fill this cup full of treats and a gift card for a happy Valentine's Day surprise and grab one for yourself, too! Make love and happiness a part of each and every day! A nod to a classic Happy Everything! design, this mug is in the shape of our colorful and unique heart design, complete with painted details and a bright red handle. We design all of our pieces with style and your happiness in mind. Enjoy a cup full of happy and feel the love every day with our Heart Shaped Mug

3in Diameter × 4.25in H
Care Instructions:
Dishwasher safe, microwave safe on low heat