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Taylor Gray Neoprene LARGE Carryall "The Kimberly"



This toiletry bag will quickly become your go-to for everything. 

The ultimate Taylor Gray carryall! We love this Leopard print and so will you! The Kimberly Leopard Neoprene Cosmetic bag features stripes of gold and white. A toiletry bag large enough to hold a lot, but soft enough to fit in compact spaces.

 The perfect catchall bag for those who a love new spin on trends. Classic, spacious and flexible describes this cosmetic bag. Extremely lightweight and washable with mild soap.  

  • Dimensions are 11.5" width x 4.25" depth x 7.5" tall
  • Zipper closure
  • Interior mesh pocket with zipper
  • Snap tab on sides; unsnaps for extra space