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Tuscan Retreat Coffee Cabinet 5465-858W Accent Cabinet


 The Tuscan Retreat coffee cabinet from Hillsdale Furniture features black hardware pulls, contrasting brown tabletop and comes in a country white finish.


16” depth

30” width

39.5” height

 Tuscan Retreat combines old world cabinet construction with new, modern finishing. Each piece begins by being hand crafted in small villages. The villagers have years of experience constructing quality furniture that lasts. Then the white wood pieces are transported into a modern, state of the art, finishing facility. Here each piece is given a multi-step finish. The finished piece is a lasting bridge between old world construction and modern innovation.

Tuscan Retreat is composed of reclaimed and repurposed timbers. The reclaimed wood is gathered from old ship yards, flooring, etc. This process eliminates the need to cut down new timbers plus recycles old waste. Wood scrapes from new timbers are repurposed by combining with the reclaimed wood. This gives the final product extra strength. The entire process has earned Tuscan Retreat the distinction of being FSC certified.

Laurel, Mississippi