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Happy Everything White Stripe Big Square Platter


 The White Stripe Happy Everything!™ Big Square Platter features a subtle dot design mixed with a fresh and airy color. This 13-inch ceramic platter fits perfectly underneath your customer's kitchen cabinets or anywhere else in their home. With a Velcro® strip secured on the platter, your customers have the option of interchanging up to 70 different Big Attachments. Now your customers will be able to find a little happy in everything.

Clean, crisp and anything but boring - white bases make a statement wherever they're placed.

Size: 13"L x 14.125"W

Material: Ceramic and Velcro

Care Instructions: Wipe Clean, do not use soap

Manufacturer Style Number: HAPEV-13SQ-WHT


The Happy Everything collection from Coton Colors makes celebrating easy! Simply purchase a Happy Everything base (plate, platter, wreath, cookie jar, bowl, canister, vase, etc.) and then adorn it based on the occasion with Happy Everything attachments. The Happy Everything collection makes it easy for one platter to serve your guests for all occasions throughout the year. This means less platters to store and more fun at each party!