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Create Your Own Outdoor Oasis This Spring

Create Your Own Outdoor Oasis This Spring

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The weeks before the Mississippi heat turns up this summer can almost make one forget that hotter days are coming. A beautiful spring day in the mid-70s urges all of us to get outdoors, so let’s enjoy it while we can. And as summer break gets closer and travel plans firm up, we want to remind you that there may be a vacation awaiting you just out your very own back door before summer begins. We’re here to provide you with a few simple tips to make an outdoor oasis in your own back yard this spring.

Color is King
The patio or deck is one of the favorite places for entertaining family and friends during get-togethers. To lighten up your space, add a fresh coat of colorful spray paint to your existing iron table and chairs (especially if they are a bit rusty). We love turquoise, teal, yellow or orange tones on the outdoor furniture to send a “summer is near” vibe. Adding new colorful cushions in those chairs can be a fun addition as well. At Rubies Home Furnishings, we have a variety of colorful table linens and accent pillows to make that special event or weeknight dinner a little extra festive.  We also love to get festive with flags. Rubies has bright and cheerful flags that make for a super inexpensive back yard accessory.

It’s also never a bad time to add color with plants! Whether it’s a large pot full of marigolds, or some  daisies in a small pot as a table centerpiece, freshly planted flowers can make a big statement on a patio, porch or in the back yard. We also love the way a fun colorful planter can totally change the look of a space on your porch or deck no matter what it holds.

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Most people don’t think about how much the simple addition of accessories can bring a patio space together. We think texture is a big win outside and can really spice up your patio space. A nice outdoor rug in a neutral shade or color can make a space seem super cozy and inviting. Also or small versatile ottoman can add an unexpected touch. Our sister store, City Home Center, has outdoor rugs galore, so be sure to check them out if you’re in the market.

Crave Candles at Rubies Home Furnishings

Let There Be Light
Lighting can be another key component of your outdoor oasis. There are numerous alternatives to outdoor lighting depending on the effect desired and the amount that one wishes to spend. Solar lights that lend a little ambiance without adding to the electric bill are great for accent lighting in small areas. These lights are self-contained and can be easily mounted anywhere in the yard. If you’re not into Solar lights, we’re also partial to candles here at Rubies. A candle can make a simple night outside turn into a super cozy or even romantic evening. We recommend cute lantern-style candle holders for a perfect table topper or even on the ground - whatever fits your space.

Crave Candles at Rubies Home Furnishings

The back yard may be a last resort for the busy family trying to fit in time for work and relaxation. But if you don’t plan to head to the lake or camping for the weekend, sometimes these outdoor updates can bring the vacation to us. By creating an oasis in the back yard, you will be giving yourself and your friends a place to unwind and relax. Enjoy your yard this season, and be sure to visit Rubies Home Furnishings for those spring and summer outdoor décor staples.

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