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Spring Is Here: How To Prepare For A New Season In Your Home

Spring Is Here: How To Prepare For A New Season In Your Home

What’s better than a lovely, inviting home with scents of Spring and the delicious flavors and aromas of baking? At Rubies, we believe your home can be inviting and creative as you are. And we’re here to bring you the best of home decor, from cozy traditional vibes to vibrant new looks.

Now that the days are (finally) getting longer, it's easy to tell when your home needs a little interior face lift.  It doesn't have to be a big investment or even a big change--in Spring, it's the little things that count. Try these four boosts to fill your space with the freshness and energy of the season.

1. Lighten it up. After months of artificial light, it's time to let the sunshine in! Take down or pull back your dark drapes and let sheers and lace take the spotlight.  Pull those heavy afghans off the couch and replace them with a pale cotton throw. Maybe an update to your comforter in a bedroom is just what you need to lighten a room up. Think about adding some sparkle to spaces with darker walls and furniture. What about silver or brass-toned picture frames instead of matte black?  Take down a piece of wall art or two and replace with mirrors.

2. Freshen it up. Your grandmother wasn't wrong to put fresh flowers on tables and counters and mantelpieces in Spring. Their color and fragrance banish winter better than anything else.  Your budget doesn't stretch to fresh flowers every week? Try making a bouquet of daisies and daffodils, or grab some pansies or flowering bulbs at the store and add them to the pot at your front door.

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If real flowers aren’t practical for you, Rubies has so many beautiful pre-made artificial arrangements and pieces to fill a basket or add to a centerpiece in your home.

3. Don't be afraid of color.  With more light in your spaces, you have more room to experiment with color.  What's your favorite? Bright pillows, a silk scarf draped across a curtain rail, even a photograph on the wall can make your whole room pop with energy.  After the dreary weather and long nights of winter, you deserve it!


4. Spring scents.  Now is the best time to start replacing your cranberry and cinnamon-scented candles with lavender, jasmine or citrus cents to reflect the season. There’s still good use for the fall and winter scents next year – simply tuck them away in a cabinet and pull them back out when the season is right. Fill your home with scents of Spring to give you a little extra hint of the season.

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