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Creating the Perfect Living Room

Creating the Perfect Living Room

Creating the Perfect Living Room

“Perfect lies in the eyes of the beholder”.  Isn’t that how the saying goes? No, of course it is not. The saying is referring to beauty. But the same principle applies when it comes to our homes. The place that we all can be ourselves, relax and enjoy less pressures of life. What is perfect to one person may be a completely different idea to someone else. Looking at your spaces in your home and seeing what could be different is a good place to start.

Before one can determine how to make your living room a space that is ideal in your eyes, the function of the room has to be decided. Will it be a more formal room that is only used for guests and special events? Or will this be the family room where one can be found lounging and relaxing?

Once the decision has been made about purpose, it is time to determine a layout. Whether one is looking at a cluttered room full of furniture and accessories or looking at an empty room that needs the afore mentioned items, the task can seem overwhelming. A few simple steps can help truly create that ideal space for you and/or your family to enjoy for years to come.

1. Layout of the room
The layout is a basic principle that can prevent one from purchasing the wrong size furniture. I have visited homes before that the sofa seemed lost in a movie theater-sized room. And the opposite issue of the huge leather sectional that seemed to go wall-to-wall. A great tool that is free for anyone to use is found at Design Center | Best Home Furnishings (

This room layout tool can save the headache of frustrating returns when your furniture is not right for your space. It is simple to use and allows you to enter your room measurements first, then simply drop the furniture pieces you want into your space. You can even add accessories such as drapes, plants and mantles. Think through all of your scenarios of how the room will be used, where conversations will be and the seating arrangement for those who will be there on a regular basis. Once you have determined a “rough guestimate” of your room, let the fun begin with choosing furniture and décor. Important note: determine your style prior to making your first purchase. Although we do not want everything to be matchy-matchy (for lack of a better word), it is important that all of the pieces work together and not create a clash of style.

2. Furniture
When you are ready to set your room up, it is time to decide on your largest pieces first. Typically, a sofa, loveseat or sectional is your largest piece and should be chosen first. Other decisions that need to be considered are fabric or leather, stationary or motion and size. Knowing your budget before you begin to shop is a must. Furniture comes in a variety of sizes, fabrics, quality and styles. Your basic furniture pieces could be considered an investment so consider if the pieces you want to purchase are “trendy” or “timeless”. Timeless pieces obviously have a much longer life span in the world of design. They don’t feel outdated as quickly as a “trending” style or color. Best Home Furnishings offers a variety of fabrics and leathers plus you have the ability to customize your furniture pieces. Product Customizer Home | Best Home Furnishings (

3. Accent Pieces
Next, accent chair(s) and/or recliners are needed. Once you have made a decision on those pieces based on your style, it is time to determine what other items will need to be added to your room such as accent tables, lamps and rugs. Typically, the price points of these items tend to be less so if you have a desire to add some trending accents, this would be a great place to add those pops of color or character pieces. Something as unique as a bright colored console to go behind your sofa could be just the thing to tie in your artwork and accent pillows. Lamps can be timeless and can be repurposed by changing a shade and painting the base. Inexpensive artwork can be purchased as flea markets, resale shops or in the closeout sections of home décor stores.

 By following these 3 easy steps, hopefully you have created that perfect living space for you and those in your home. Remember the options are limitless and in a short time, you can truly create the Living Room of your dreams.



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