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Bachelor Pad Makeover

Bachelor Pad Makeover

How Rubies Home Furnishings Transformed Kaleb Smith’s Home

One of Rubies Home Furnishings clients, who also happens to be the son of Kim Smith, co-owner of Rubies, purchased a new home with a somewhat dated and bland interior. Of course, the team at Rubies couldn’t just sit back and let him furnish it on his own. So, Rubies was up for the challenge. Decorating a bachelor pad from scratch sounded like a perfect new project.

When Kaleb purchased the home, location and price were top priorities, along with a few stipulations on design. He told the Rubies team that he had two rules - no glitter and nothing girly. And as a male client who loves hunting, hiking and all things outdoors, the team at Rubies knew they were up for the challenge. The ability to work in custom fabrics that would blend with his existing decor was critical. Here’s what they chose for this bachelor pad makeover.

Color Scheme

The color scheme included khakis, grays, off white and brown. The team at Rubies ordered art with deer and outdoor scenes, and his mom, Kim, had custom prints made from some of his hiking trips on the Appalachian Trail.

Rubies furnished all of the bedrooms, the living room and the dining room with special-order furniture and some additional in-stock pieces. City Home Center, also owned by his mom and her sister, Karlyn Pugh, had the perfect rugs to compliment the furniture in each room. Spiced up with lamp and accent pieces, and things were starting to come together.

Transforming the Bachelor Pad

What do you think when you hear the words "house transformation?" Perhaps you imagine a dramatic before and after, with a bland home turned into a stunning showplace. If so, that’s exactly the type of transformation Rubies made with this project. What started as a basic space turned into something extraordinary with custom furniture and accents from Rubies Home Furnishings.

Bachelor Pad Background

This transformation is obviously more personal since it’s the home of the son of one of the Rubies Home Furnishings owners. Kim loved being able to help him transform this plain builder-grade place house into something he could call home. She wanted to make sure to use textiles and colors that were more masculine and could go with his style. People may often think of Rubies as feminine, but Rubies actually has pieces that fit any style and budget.

As an avid hunter and outdoor enthusiast, including trips on the Appalachian Trail, Kim wanted to stick with more neutral colors to be sure he wouldn’t be mad at his mom for making it too feminine. She also wanted him to have art that reminded him of his love for the outdoors and ordered pieces that featured outdoor scenes with deer and mountains.

One of the things Kim loves about working with the furniture vendors at Rubies is that they can order custom pieces. In-store, Rubies had mostly patterns or fun colors for rugs that wouldn't work with this more neutral palette. So, she ordered a custom pattern and colored rugs to help tie together the furniture and make it a home that reflected his style and interests, not just a bachelor pad. Using furniture and accents from Rubies and City Home Center, Kim helped Kaleb furnish his living room, dining room, and bedrooms.

Below are the before photos showing the listing photos of the house.

living room living room 2  living room 3 living room 4 dinning room dinning room 2 dinning room 3 bedroom kitchen

Below are the after photos showing in-stock furniture at Rubies along with the custom-ordered pieces.

new living room  new living room 2 sofa new master bedroom new secondary bedroom credenza hallway

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