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New Year, Fresh Design

New Year, Fresh Design

The start of a new year always brings with it the opportunity for new beginnings. For many, it means things like resolving to lose weight, get healthier, be more organized, or maybe to be more generous. Most people never think to include an update to their home design or décor when setting their goals for the New Year, but we think it’s a great idea because that type of change might be just what you need to get a fresh start, and it’s one that is fairly easy to accomplish!

Adding a home makeover to your New Year’s to-do list can be an item that is as small or as large as you like. Maybe you just want to change out the color and style of décor in a couple of rooms. Or maybe you’ve had your heart set on replacing that dark furniture in your bedroom with something more fresh and light for quite some time. Either way, Rubies Home Furnishings can help you bring the design in your imagination to life!


Master bedrooms are typically the last room to get attention when it comes to redesign in a home. While your bedroom should be a place of enjoyment and rest, many times it becomes the clutter-catcher. Homeowners revamp their kitchens and update the living areas –the most common rooms where guests may congregate – while the bedroom gets left behind.

Rubies Home Furnshings can help you change that this year! Your bedroom is typically where your day begins and ends, so it should feel comfortable and relaxing. Steering clear of too many dark colors or busy patterns helps you wind down at the end of a long day. Neutrals are always a safe bet, and they allow you the ability to throw in pops of color here and there to make the room your own. And don’t forget the greenery to bring a little outdoors inside!

Over the years, it can be easy to accumulate lots of “knick-knacks.” Maybe they were gifts or items you picked up just to occupy a space in your home that felt somewhat empty. Our best advice when you are changing out décor to revamp a room is this – if it means something to you, and you’ve admired it within the last year, keep it. But if it’s just filler, it may be something you’d like to replace with something new. Personalize your space with framed family photos, kid’s artwork and other décor that will keep things feeling warm and homey.

It’s also a good idea to keep the number of accessories on display to a minimum. You don’t want the number of decorative pieces in a room to be so overwhelming that they overcome the design and style you are trying to achieve. These days, when it comes to design, it’s true that less is more! A neutral palette paired with a piece of furniture that has intricate designs and accented with simple décor will have your guests calling your home their new favorite place to visit.

Maybe you’re one of those people who hasn’t updated your home in a few years, and you’re overwhelmed with the options available to you. We have a tip that will make it easy! Choose your favorite color. It can be one already on display in your space, or one you’ve never used before in your decorating schemes.

Once you’ve chosen your color, look around your room and remove any décor that won’t blend with the shade you selected. Now it’s time to go shopping! Choose wall art, accessories for shelf display and accent furniture in the new hue. No need to go over the top – two or three items in the chosen color will do. It’s a quick and easy way to limit your options when you’re feeling overwhelmed with a redesign, while still giving your space a fresh new finished look.  


Changing up the furniture and décor in one or more rooms of your home can be a resolution that gets checked off of your list early in the year, which could give you even more motivation to tackle the items that remain. Our staff is ready to help your design dream become reality in a minimal amount of time, because goals that are accomplished quickly push you forward and give you the encouragement to tackle things you may have been putting off for a while! Let your new home makeover be just the beginning of a great year of things to come.

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